How to have a custom T-shirt?


How to ask us for a personalized t-shirt?
To make a personalized t-shirt, you must contact us by Instagram or by email (Instagram for speed). The design will be done by ourselves and your request will be taken into account within 7 working days. We will try to make requests as soon as possible.

Customer's choice:

General possibilities:
- A front/back t-shirt design or just one of the two
- The color of the black or white t-shirt
- Attention, any brand name will not be accepted in customer's request, we only accept car model name for copyright reason.

Possibility of the front side of the t-shirt:
- A front logo (culturecar , car silhouette , model name)

Possibilities on the rear side:
- Text color (any color)
- The model of the car (if possible the image you want)
- The description of the car (without brand name, only car model name)
- Inscription "Iconic Classic"

If you want a special request let us know in your request.

Payment and price:

Payment :
The t-shirt after being designated will be available for purchase in the "Custom Product" category of this store.

Price :
The price is fixed on 24.99 € per custom t-shirt , and the customer makes a special request that is not rated within the possibilities then the price may increase.

If you have more questions about custom orders let us know by email or Instagram.