What is Group B?

Group B 


Group B was a category of competition in the field of motorsport, more precisely in rally events. He was created in 1982 replacing group 4, with more liberal technical rules.

The cars entered in Group B were among the most powerful, fast And spectacular in the history of the rally. This group was created by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) with the aim of promoting competition and technical innovation. The Group B events were marked by very light and extremely powerful cars, powered by turbocharged engines, thus offering outstanding performance.

Group B Car

However, the safety of these cars quickly became a major issue. Their incredible performance, combined with still limited safety technology, has led to a series of tragic and fatal accidents. As a result, the FIA ​​made the controversial decision to disband Group B after the 1986 season.

Unfortunately, due to the serious accidents that occurred during the 1986 season, the FIA ​​announced the end of Group B at the end of that same season, in 1986.

Today, although Group B no longer exists as a competition category, it remains a legendary chapter in motorsport history. A symbol of the power of the drivers and rally teams of that time.